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We are the leader in manufacturing and supplying aluminium tents for sale in Durban, South Africa @ factory prices.

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Aluminium Tents


Just complete this form & we will attent to your enquiry within 24hrs. We deliver worldwide and aim to provide quality tents to our customers.

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Aluminium Tents for Sale

Buy Aluminium Tents for Sale @ factory price from the leading manufacturers and supplier of Aluminium Tents for Sale in Durban, South Africa and worldwide. Our company having experience expert team to manufacture heavy duty aluminium tents with long durability. All the products shown in this website are manufactured in South Africa, Durban we also undertake customization of aluminium frame tents as per the request of the clients. The special care that we take ensures that our products are designed to look marvelous when implemented appropriately and built to last. We use the best quality material available in today market, which meets the international standard too. Aluminium Tents has been thoroughly tested for strength and durability to maximize the life span of the product. One can uses our company make aluminium tents for big exhibition and events, wedding and parties, royal events function and festival. Our company having more than 25 years of experience in manufacturing different types of tents for sale such as frame tents, exhibition tents, event tents, german hanger, wedding tents, party tents, function tents, festival tents, storage tents, warehouse tents, curve tents, Arcum tents and arch roof tents. Our expertise having various option to engineer your tent to suit your specific needs, whether you prefer the elegant look for your of tents with French window walls or the more corporate ambiance of our clear span structures, sidewalls are available in various weights of vinyl, and the same is true for our tarps which can be fully customized as well. We will work with you from start to finish selecting the right tent size, style, color, wall type and other customizable options to ensure your complete satisfaction. Our aluminium tents comes in various sizes in relate to seating capacity such as 5m x 5m (50 seater); 5m x 10m (100 seater); 7m x 12m (150 seater); 10m x 10m (200 seater); 9m x 15m (260 seater); 9m x 18m (300 seater); 10m x 20m (400 seater); 9m x 27m (480 seater); 9m x 30m (500 seater); 12m x 30m (700 seater); 15m x 30m (800 seater); 18m x 30m (1180 seater); 20m x 30m (1200 seater); 20m x 50m (2000 seater); 30m x 30m (1800 seater); 30m x 50m (3000 seater) and 30m x 100m (6000 seater). “Always Buy Genuine” is our company motto, as we are the trusted manufacturers and supplier of aluminium tents for sale in Durban, South Africa one can rely on us for the complete solution of tents and tents accessories.

World of Tents

Frame Tents for Sale
Frame Tents

Frame Tents for Sale is in great demand in worldwide market for any exhibition, events, wedding and parties. We make customize frame tents on the request of the clients.

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Aluminium Tents for Sale
Aluminium Tents

Find Best quality and heavy duty Aluminium Tents for Sale @ factory prices from the exclusive manufacturer and supplier of tents. We make tents for all occasion and function

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German Hanger for Sale
German Hanger Tents

We provide exclusive German Hanger Tents for Sale worldwide, it is in great demand in international market for it's featurs and uses. We use high quality material to make such tents.

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curve tents for sale
Curve Tents

Make your event more phenomenal bu using our company make curve tents for sale, which gives you a different environment and create a marvelous atmosphere when implemented accordingly.

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polygonal tents for sale
Polygonal Tents

Our company provide you with an extra ordinary look Polygonal Tents for Sale @ cheap factory prices. The material quality of this tent is of high end which meets the international standard.

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Double Decker tents for sale
Double Decker Tents

Get the latest in tents and a great in demand in international market, we provide you with a Double Decker Tents for Sale with a customization and branding as an option @ factory price.

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Buy Genuine with Best Quality and Heavy Duty Aluminium Tents in Durban, South Africa from the house of Manufacturer & Supplier of Tents










Tents for Sale in Durban

Our factory is located in Harrismith since year 1994, we engaged in the research, development and manufacture of tents, after over 25 years’ experience, we possess advanced equipment, scientific management, first-class technology, continuous design and development of special tents products, timely meet the demands of market. We are the best aluminium tents manufacturer in Durban, we provide heavy duty tents for sle in Durban, South Africa, and exports the same to various countries like Middle East, Africa, North America, South America, Australia, Europe, Southeast Asia, overall more than 110 countries and regions, and we enjoy good reputation in the world. We are the leaders in manufacturing and supplying Aluminium tents for sale @ factory cheap prices, we also supply tents to major parts of Africa to name some South Africa, Nigeria, Lesotho, Mozambique, Kenya, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Angola, Swaziland & Namibia. As a Aluminium Tents Manufacturers in Durban some feature are highlighted: - Easy to set up. Tents that will keep you dry. Tents that will keep you cool. Tents that will not break or rip easily in windy conditions. Tents that are reliable, waterproof, high strength, fire and heat resistant. Our tents are highly reliable, waterproof & used on large scale temporary shelters. Our company products are Long Life and available in a wide range of colours. We supply these modernized tents worldwide. Standalone architectonic unit. Wide selection of shapes and architectonic solutions. Low cost of our products is not the only reason that makes the customers contact us. Our structures are built and operated with minimal impact on the environment and are designed to blend in with the surrounding landscape.

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Over 25 years of Tents Manufacturing Experience, ensuring you always get the best.